Welcome ! – You have stumbled upon the home of the official website of Jasmin, her blog and promotional site of her affiliated production company and offered services.


On this website you will stumble upon true stories, from the life of a life-liver, filmmaker, actress, singer, pretend Journalist, pretend writer, Music listener and fantasist.

To get in touch with Jasmin, either contact her management team or fill out this contact form. 


      1. You’re welcome. You left a comment on my blog about your “prank war” but my web filter is blocking it (maybe for media sharing?) so I can’t look at the post and I won’t post your comment without seeing it. Sorry.


  1. Hi Jasmin:)

    I hope you are doing well in Hollywood!
    Now I found your site! And looks like you are having a exciting life wherever you are!
    Wish you a good luck with everything;)



  2. I am one of those “poor buggers who stumbled upon this” 🙂 I was actually Googling Loriff Management and your blog popped up! I’m an Iowa college actress coming down to LA for the summer – hope it’s everything I dream!

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