First Entry

I just thought I would try this out, as so many do. And also I thought it is a great way of exercising my writing skills. It’s kind of weird… I thought the thoughts would spill out of my brain but now I am kind of trapped within the negative thoughts that, this is the first entry, it cannot be that good anyway, so there’s no point in trying, better just get it over with and get the ball rolling. But I do kind of want it to be good. Well, maybe a good way of starting is to introduce myself, the blogger amongst many blogger, Jasmin. Hi my name is Jasmin. Yes. And I am foreign. That means, NOT FROM HERE. I sailed from the cold but exotic, mysterious but safe country Norway. Next to Sweden. Next to Finland. But to be honest I don’t really like the Finnish. But I don’t want to go too much into that as I have gotten into trouble for it before. Anyway.. I live in London, have lived in the outskirts of London for over three years now, studied acting and got a crap BA degree and now spend most of my time in my flat alone, (cuz my flatmate Gwen is touring the country with a Theatre In Education company and is only home on the weekends) Looking for jobs, auditions, opportunities and general fun. But I am lucky, because weird things happen to me all the time, and that is something I will share with you from now on. Whoever is reading… If anyone is reading. If you are, that is so cool. Thanks. Well done. I’m gonna start reading blogs from now on to see how it’s done. I’ve only done blogging at my old college, (mind you it was very popular. Yes it was…)
That is it for now. I give up. I shall come back with a SLAM and a BOOM and a BANG! Trust me.. don’t loose faith…



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