Ooooh, that’s radical. what a cheeky title. Shame on me. I apologize. Anyway enough chit chat.

This is my fourth winter here in lovely England and there is nothing prettier then London covered in a bit of snow and fairy lights everywhere, but everyone who has ever been to England during snow, knows that the whole country shuts down.

“Ohh Nooo! Snow! PANIC IN THE STREETS OF LONDON… We must shut everything down! Ahhh the train looses the signal! It can’t take the one inch of snow! Stop every means of transport! stay inside! Don’t go to work..!” 

So I take it in my hands as a Viking Expert, to share some of my top survival method’s to Cameron and everyman, here are some tips:

  2. It is bad for the cars, it makes them rust! While the salt melts the snow and eventually creates an icy surface, SAND is way cheaper and really effective, it gives the tyres some friction. 
  3. Get Winter Tires that are spiked LIKE THIS:   
  4. Buy a good set of thermals or as we call it in Norway; SUPERUNDERWEAR! Its sexy, (mmm that’s right) snazzy, sporty and wintry and it keeps u very very warm. 
  5. Moisturize! I have noticed a lot of people having very dry hands and faces at the moment, understandably the sexy English skin is getting quite a battering nowadays, and it’s not too used to it. DO NOT MOISTURIZE RIGHT BEFORE YOU GO OUT. Obviously   
  6. Get a shovel to dig yourself out of the drive and your house with, like this woman in this Norwegian MOISTURIZER advert doesn’t do:

6.  Get a ton of these for the streets of London


7. Be glad you are not him:

 Or Him OR him Or him….
This is the situation in Norway at the moment. But when we get snowed in; the children dig themselves out and wade through the snow to school, snow is no excuse, just get up extra early. That’s just the way it is.
And then you will say that we are used to it, -yes we are, we know now that in the WINTER it SNOWS. And lately, the last 4 winters I’ve been here, IT SNOWS HERE TOO…! So learn from it. Jeez. Good luck with the next few months, and next years winter. I’ll still be here, complaining. I should be kicked out really. Thanks, that is all .


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha That's great


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