Fun Photos

Hi… Was just looking at some of my photos, and I found I’ve got some good one’s, so I might as well share them with the world.

This Is quite a creepy one, that I took of a weird sticker in a weird creepy alleyway. Er……..

This one is a rather BEAUTIFUL one of me, standing in a very famous park in Norway in front of a bunch of naked statue people. Analyse as much as you want…

And this is a (rather poor quality) lovely photo I took of Bob Dylan, all dressed up and lovely in a pink shirt and a lovely white hat at the Hop Farm festival. Looking good Bobby.

 And, you might think, that this is my fat cat (Tig) trying to get up…? Oh no… this is a position my cat got stuck in after having done a little wash, being to lazy to move, he sat like this for about half an hour.

And this one is a rather seductive one of me and my housemate and soulmate Gwen… She’ll kill me if she sees this out in the open…. But she wont.

And last but not least, the undescribable, incredulously sexy………………

Thanks. Hope you enjoyed it. I did.


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