The Forest of Dean…

So it came to pass that I was carried by a two-horse carriage to the magical mystical Forest Of Dean. Being already in a adventurous mood, I tinkered with the magical music box, so it played the dulcit tones of none other than Stephen Fry reading out loud from the wonderful book; Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows… And you can imagine my joy when I heard, I quote;
“Where are we?”
“The Forest of Dean. My parents took me camping here.”

Luckily my excstasy was shared by my companion, so we left the carriage behind and sat back on two stallions.
As you Can see, my choice of dressing was more Harry Potter adventurous than the normal forest sporting adventurous. But, I was ready for a journey through the forest! The weather was perfect, not to hot not to cold, sunlight but not too sharp, as it so often is in the spring. By the way, sadly I had forgotten my advanced “moment capturer” so I had to borrow my companions advanced telecommunication object inbuilt with a moment capturer, so the photographs is not in the quality I would prefer, and the beautiful scenery and moments, weren’t captured as beautifully as they were. After a good half an hour of warm up, the horses sprang in to a gallop and we rode deeper and deeper in to the forest, until we found some wilder areas and took the steeds off the path to our hidden picnic spot.  We lay our picnic down in the rough woods, and it smelled of wild nature. 

I could just Imagine Hermione walking along in the woods gathering wild shrooms into her basket, and I could see the canvas in the distant, Harry walking in a circle doing the usual enchantments of protection. After a lovely meal and lying down looking up at the beautiful sky, only hearing the sound of birds and small animals and a distant sheep or two, we untied our horses from the trees and rode further in to the forest. It was beautiful. Some of the parts were so dense, dark, like the Dark Forest on the Hogwarts grounds, if one stepped a few steps inside, one would feel like it was night time. Some places were open, with signs pointing towards different routes, paths and places of interest. As suspected we found ourselves lost, and my companion had to climb of his steed and consult the magical map we were given at the stable (Pedalaway bicycle centre) 
  And when we found out where we were heading, we rode along a long road, and ended up on a wonderful downhill where the horses gathered so much speed that our riding robes were flapping in the wind like sails on great ships. Then… some Snatchers caught up with us, and we had to duel them, shooting spells hither and thither, we galloped for miles, until we finally got shot of them, and the sweat was pouring. And we took to enjoying the scenery. 

 Unfortunately, because of my companions rather nervous horse, we could not delwe deeper into the forest where it was dark.. So we had to keep to the pathway. Until we finally came to the river that leads to Harry and Hermione’s most famous camping place Symonds Yat Viewpoint, where they sat up camp in the snow after having been nearly killed in Godric’s Hollow by You-Know-Who’s snake. 

The forest of Dean is such a large area, with wonderful villages, churches, farms and woods, loads and loads of woods. It is truly a place like no other I have seen in England. There are beautiful forests I am sure, and have witnessed myself, where is it greener grass than in England?

But the forest of Dean encompasses the feeling of family fun, untouched nature, a welcoming atmosphere among the locals and plenty of activities, too many for only one saturday. Things like huge mazes, railway’s with steam trains, horse riding, petting zoo’s arts and crafts and cycle hire. One can even hire a tandem! And for me it gave me the feeling of magic, darkness, coldness, an enclosed sheltered place to hide, woods that you run, run away from the Snatchers and Death eaters, warmth, sun, grass, endless flowers, trees that long to be hugged, and endless ENDLESS opportunities. And shall also declare that Hermione Granger’s family is not the only muggle family to go camping there. And I am sure I will take my children there one day…
So The Forest of Dean, I shall see you again.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    testing testing


  2. Anonymous says:

    I will be there…some day….. 🙂


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