Deathly Hallows Launch and signing report!

Dear Harry Potter fans who do not live in or have the means to go to London just for a DVD launch.

Yesterday I Jasmin, woke up at six in the morning and missioned down to Oxford Street to the HMV store and joined the queue for the launch. I was really nervous on my way there cuz I was suspecting some of the hardcore fans to have been there even earlier, (I got there at quarter past 8) and indeed there were some tough’ns lying there in the alley in sleeping bags. WOW. I later found out there were even people who had come all the way from America, and some claimed to be from Australia,  but that was in a competition circumstance, and I suspected they might be bluffing. Maybe not. Who knows…

Anyway. I got my ticket And eventually I got my AWESOME wristband. And after HOURS of waiting on the floor outside in the alley watching SPACED on my laptop, we finally was let in…! OMG OMG OMGOMG
It was all set up, and they were playing the Deathly Hallows soundtrack in the background and the film in the back, (allthough I refused to look at it as I wanted to savour the pleasure for the evening when I was watching the dvd for the first time after the cinema.)
After ALOT of screaming from the younger fans, a girl in front of the queue even cried, the host shouting the guest list names about 20 times requesting we’d cheer louder and louder, and throwing out AWESOME gifts like Scarves, hats, and cute hand knitted Dobby stuffed animals….. They finally came in!

Here they are posing for the cameras before the signing. All looking FIT. You can’t see Warwick Davies here though, because he is SO FREAKING TINY! I couldn’t believe it… I mean, yes I’ve seen him on tv and films and stuff and obv he is small, but he was SO small. But weirdly attractive, and of course very charming and funny. So was Matthew Lewis, (Neville Longbottom) looking really quite hansome I think, and was jokey and chillaxed, being adorable to the children, Natlie Tena (Tonks)  looked amazing, and Evanna Lynch (Luna) was just SO beautiful,  and patient and Sympathetic with the crazy fans, having been one herself. Mark Williams (Mr.Weasley) was so lovely, so nice to the kids and warm. 
I don’t have many good photos, but Im sure there are plenty online anyway. but here they are.
And so I walked on to the stage, really quite starstruck actually, kinda freaking out, and could not for the life of me figure out anything to say to them, so I just said “Hi.” and “Thanks” and they were all amazing, and lovely. Mr. Lewis’ signature was cool and elaborate so I laughed and said “niiice” And he laughed back and said “Cheers.” And Evanna said, Thanks for coming, in her lovely musical voice. And I asked Warwick Davies; “When is ‘Life’s too Short’ coming out?” And he said, “Oh! Oh yeah, that will be coming out in september/october, on HBO and eventually on e4 or Sky1! Thanks for asking.” “Oh brilliant, I’m really excited to see it!” And we smiled at each other and I moved on to Mr.Williams, and was a bit sad that I didn’t get more of him, he had such a presence, but didn’t really look at me much as he was signing and I said; “thanks!” and he said thanks back and I had to go. I wanted to hug him… haha. As I LOVE him as Mr. Weasley. But it was SO worth it…. It was amazing. My first Mad Harry Potter thing I’ve ever done, (except OBVIOUSLY dressing up for the premiere of the films.)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was there too!What an amazing day, and moment.Alisa


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