Easter Sunday – Not at home

Happy Easter!

This is officially my first easter away from home in Norway, I was until recently a England-Easter-Virgin. Today I woke up in Hertforshire, defo one of my fav areas in England, in one of the most wonderful places in England, Delrow. I shall dedicate another blog to tell the tale of the wonderful place called thus, but this, is not the blog. The weather in England, well at least the southeast area is INCREDIBLE at the moment, it is SO hot, and SO sunny and happy! White and yellow butterflies are fluttering by from flower to flower, and bumble-bee’s and honeybee’s are buzzing lazily around. We went for a little “egg hunt” around the garden, I was terrible, but was lucky enough to find myself two cups, while everyone else had three or four. We all shared them anyway, and we were all sitting happily consuming our lovely treats while watching “Megamind”. I quite liked it, I didn’t really expect much from it, as I’ve seen the trailer and I thought it was pretty much the same as “Despicable me” Which I liked, but it wasn’t that good really, and I guess I’d say the same thing about “Megamind.” I was   pleasantly surprised by Will Ferrel, (I love him anyway) he did a good job on the voice over, Brad Pitt was alright, not really a stretch for him, Tina Fey’s character was both boring and slightly annoying, and her voice didn’t really fit in the body of the character. Anyway, we played a bit of “Portal 2”, a sequal (obv) to the critically acclaimed videogame “Portal”. Nothing really happens, but it is still an exciting game, as you explore a big shut-down Science unit, only a portal gun and the guidance of no one but the one and only STEPHEN MERCHANT! Also that awesome guy J.K. Simmons, who play’s Juno’s dad. Yes, it’s quite a humouristic game, but it is full of puzzles, you use the gun to create portals, to enable yourself to move through spaces, to build up speed and bounce etc. It’s advanced but also solvable. At the moment we’re just watching one person play it, you can play co-operative, but you have to play split-screen, but not everyone is very pleased with that. I got a Smarties easter egg which I am very pleased with, we don’t have those “Egg-Packages” in Norway, here you get a big egg made out of chocolate with accesories like extra chocolate. Like in the “Rollo” Egg you get some Rolo’s and “The last Rollo” and in my Smarties one I got a box of Smarties.

It’s been a lovely day, but I must admit I do miss my family. And there’s something about the tradition you grow up with. My mum is very good at keeping them up, even now, me being 22 of age, she still organizes the day for me, and when I wake up, I wake up to a yellow chicken standing next to my bed with a note in it, with a clue to the next place where there is another egg with a treat and another note with another clue… etc. She has me running around the house, the letterbox and the garden in my pyjamas until I find the BIG cardboard egg painted with lovely easter decorations, STUFFED to the BRIM with goodies. 

We watch traditional TV stuff like, Easter puzzles, and something I have discovered is NOT tradition over here is “Easter Crime” as we call it, loads of tv shows with murder mysteries, crime shows and movies, and there are even mysteries on the milk cartons for you to solve. 
Before we threw ourselves into the world of portals, we ordered some takeaway Thai food, and watched the Swedish film “Kopps” I love that film, makes me want to be come a policewoman. That was my attempt to bring some Scandowegianism to the day. Anyway, I hope everyone had a grand Easter, however, wherever. I would love to hear other countries traditions… 
Ps. Stay tuned for a TRAVEL BLOG from SICILY, coming up soon!



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the goodies and the green grass <3Really sunny Easter in Norway this year as well,lots of bbq and not so much tv-crime because of the lovely weather 🙂


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