R-r-r-Royal Wedding

So today was the day, an historical event of the 21st century, and I was in England, where it all happened, where every household television was showing the wedding, whether it was BBC or ITV, pretty much everyone was watching, outdoors or indoors.  I must admit that I was quite excited, last time I watched a royal wedding was in Norway when our Prince married his Cinderella, Mette-Marit, and our Princess married her author of the book “Sad as Fuck” or “Tris som Faen”. It was very special and I remembered all the fuss, about the dresses, the arrivals, the church, the boquet, the music etc. And so I knew that this one was going to be the same, just on a slightly bigger scale…

And so we began by celebrating with lovely food and drink with flags everywhere and discussing theories on the late great Princess Diana, who it seems people will never stop discussing, me included. There has been a lot of tv programmes about her lately, and I have been youtub’ing WILDLY watching interviews, before her wedding, after, and the horribly sad one she did without permission from the royal Winsdors,

one of the many things that she did that made the public think that the family wanted to get rid of her for. It is a very sad interview, especially when she talks about her bulimia and depression, a young naive, romantic woman in love, isolated and humiliated. 
And then slightly happier subjects, the dress, William’s bald patch and how the weather was going to turn out. Oh how English. Quite. Indeed. Yes. 

Then there it was, all the royalties, lords and ladies, and of course…. Pop stars. Oh yes, they must get invites yes. I got a bit emotional when I saw Elton John. Remembering him singing at Dianas funeral, all choked and emotional. And then I saw the Norwegian King and Queen! Once again, left me feeling quite proud, seeing as our queen dressed better than Elizabeth. No offense Lizzy. (but all the same, very grateful to be in beautiful England on a day like this.) It was lovely seeing how the public were so happy, the children dressing up as little princesses and everyone waving the flag. It’s not very often they get the chance to do that in this country anymore… It’s such a shame. St.George’s day went by pretty quietly not long ago… Other countries National day is usually a big deal. Here it’s too risky, can’t be too nationalistic, patriotic, they might be seen as hooligans or racists. Then, she came out of the car, and I and EVERYONE else, was stunned by her beautiful dress. I was expecting it to be what the commentators usually call; “simple, but elegant“that’s what it’s like usually, with famous and royal weddings, and I always go, “yes yes, it’s simple, but also, a bit boring.” But Kate Middelton’s dress, was ANYTHING but boring. You could just hear the female commentators squealing; “oooh, this is a big day for fashion, I cannot tell you..” God. Haha. Well, it was really really nice. And so I watched it like a little girl, the fairytale wedding, It was rather lovely. I felt very happy for William, I hope it goes well, for his sake. And then, probably the highlight of the day, I got a mug. Yes, a Wills & Kate Mug! Yeeesh! Love it, in 40 years time it might be worth something… so if my acting career goes askew…



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