Sicily forever

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Dear fellow bloggers.
Here I am, back in Norway. I am here for three months now, to work as a waitress for the summer, to rake in the cash, so that I can have a more economically stabile autumn. (Hopefully.) I am happy to say that I am earning more than £12 an hour, + REALLY good tips! 

ANYWAY, that is not why I am writing today, I am merely sending some lovely photos your way from Sicily, as I promised.

 Me and my companion Gwenllian flew with Ryanair from London to Palermo, chuffed having booked a really cheap holiday, hoping to spend as little as possible, as we are two poor little actresses, who really couldn’t afford a holiday, but was mentally craving one. So, we get to the very confusing Palermo, where ( as I knew from last time in Sicily) NOBODY speaks English. So with some help from my Illustrated Italian Phrasebook 
and some very friendly bus drivers, we were put on to another bus, to another stop, where we found out that we had to wait 4 hours for the next bus! When we finally got to San Vito Lo Capo, (dream town) there were no more buses to where we were going, El Bahira. And NO taxi. Great. So the really nice bus driver who DID not understand English, but kind of understood us, insisted on driving us in his own car to El Bahira, free of charge. What a nice man!
And when we got to El Bahira, and our lovely Key Camp, we were astonished by the quality of our caravan/mobile home! We only paid around £12 a night each, and they are FAR better than any cheap hostel! The space, the cleanliness, the comfort! We had plugs everywhere, all the equipment that we needed, plates, frying pan, everything! Even a garlic press! We went to our campsite’s market straight after settling in, and bought some meat to throw on the barbey, and enjoyed the view to the pool and the beach! Incredible. 
Our idyllic days in Sicily were filled with extraordinary food, Gelato (ice cream), swimming in the sea (turquoise), sunbathing, and meeting my Sicilian family. I met them the last time I was there, and they adopted me. Drove me around and showed me all sorts of fantastic historical places and bought me meals! It was lovely to see them again, and for them to meet Gwen.
Our favorite place however is the beautiful seaside town San Vito Lo Capo. Where I spent most of my days last year too. It’s just… amazing. The lovely sun filled and cobbled streets, the lovely ice cream parlor with a million flavors and sorbets, the lovely Sicilian people, the restaurants, in particular Delfino, 
 where the young chef who cooks like a GOD and the young waiter really gives you a good run for your money when it comes to service, trying to communicate with their bad English, and simple-life, down to earth charm and Italian passion! But more than anything, is the incredible Screen saver-like beach with the view of the light tower and where turquoise sea meets blue clear sky. Palm trees and white soft sand, almost no people and a perfect temperature in the water. I can’t express our sadness on the last day when we were sitting there in our sandals, about to hop on to the bicycle to cycle back home to good old El Bahira to watch a film in our mobile home with some ice cream, and massaging each others skin with aloe Vera and say goodbye to all our Sicilian friends.
Our last day was just too sad, the thought of leaving this lazy lizard life of luxury and travel back home to grey busy inner city life – inner city pressure London was just too depressing. But as you all know, the holiday must end. We allowed ourselves a week before we had to unpack, and the post-holiday-depression made it very difficult for Gwen to face her unemployment, and me going back to my boring office 9-5 job.
Oh Sicily. I will be back. And so will Gwen too, I’m sure. 
But seriously! Check out Key Camp! For the whole family! Or just for two. Great destinations, great prices, great quality!
Xxx Jas

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