Drowning in my hometown…

Living life on the low in my old hometown lately has been… well. 

 Obviously the upside is to see my family, being able to hang out with them, my summer job has also proved itself to be rather fun and the people I work with are actually relly nice and kinda cool, instead of the big group of mongs I usually work with. But none of my friends have come home for the holiday yet, and some are only staying a week, so being home for three months this summer, might prove to be tough. 

It has been raining for DAYS… And I mean POURING DOWN! Thunder and lighting and then a break, and then UBER humid and horrible. Gave me a massive headache and I ended up being ill for like a week. And when I finally got better and went for a walk about town, all I see is water flooding everywhere.  The air is heavy, and it’s really windy, so it’s really crappy weather. And NOTHING to do. I was walking down the dried up streets of town, where the asfalt is ruined from a tough winter, and there isn’t a single human being around. The town is SO dead. All the people I know and love from this town has either moved away, or are pregnant. The ones that didn’t get pregnant hurried up and got the hell out of there. 

The town is relly dead and the only place where there is any life is the middle of the town where there is a tiny kind of square with some cafe’s, bars, restaurant, and my saviour, the brown pub “The Neptune”. This pub is what keeps me alive and has become my group of friends meeting place, these last years. Known for hosting 40 year-olds and alchoholic, the pub has improved alot since we first started haning there. It’s all down to my favourite bartender, the owner, Raymond, who plays good music, the best in town, and is really charming and cool. He has made the place. Now, you see a mixture of all kinds of people there, and it’s where the gang end up after having tried all the different places around town but been put off by the pretensious, snobby, douchebags or the way to loud heavy metal, or the drugged dickheads, somehow, drunken 40 year-olds don’t seem so bad. I mean yes they are roudy, but then again, so are we. And our music requests drowns out any sorrows. So, the waterfall by the factory is vomiting water everywhere, there’s a flood and that seems to be the most interesting thing going on here…  Except our football team; Sarpsborg 08, (newly established) which over the last few years has made a great success, and I have actually seen loads of people in our town being patriotic. I’m not sayint that is necesserily a good thing, but at least they have something to be proud of. Our old football team was shit, and it all faded away, but now, the team is actually doing really well! They were playing a game against our much cooler neighbour town Fredrikstad, (FFK) and it was a really important game. Sarpsborg 08 actually is in the league! If FFK beat them then they would fall down majorly, and you could feel the tension in town, and there where blue flagsEVERYWHERE, here’s our neighbourhood. 

Luckily the game ended 1-1, wasn’t a very good game, but very exciting, as my mum was shrieking and receiving texts from people all the time. 

See you all soon, unless I’ve drowned.



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  1. Donna says:

    Funny, no matter where you live,…all small towns seem to be somewhat alike! Actually, it's been raining here a lot this summer too and it's always humid. We've been lucky this week and had extremely good weather, it's been just gorgeous!I see this labeled Fredrickstad, Norway…my mother's family named Swain was from there! Small world…huh?PS. Hope you haven't drowned!!


  2. Haha.. I'm alright somehow!Actually I live in Sarpsborg, which is right next to Fredrikstad! I can't belive it! Swain.. I don't think I know them, but that is very cool.Small world indeed. Small towns too. Jasminxx


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