Morten & Jasmin and the Simon & Garfunkel Tribute Concert

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I can remember years of listening to Simon & Garfunkel, I can remember several moments in earlier life, hearing “The Sound of Silence” for the first time, and hearing it again in Greece, someone meowing it on a karaoke evening, but still it moved me. I remember lying in the back of my uncle’s car when my mum, my uncle and I drove from Kiel in Germany to where he lived somewhere in the countryside. I was sleepy and grumpy, but I remember they listened to a tape of the concert in Central park, (I think) and I was half asleep when they played “America”, I remember how lovely the tune was, and I remember my uncle said a sentence, I don’t even know if this is what he said, but I’ve always remembered it as him being all annoyed and saying; “they’re not cheering because of the music or the lyrics, they’re cheering because they say America.” I remember when I was around 13-14 and I was sitting in the basement at Jorgen’s house with him and Morten, they were looking through chord books of Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel and I made them sing and play loads of songs, and they played them slowly, and made me sing, because they weren’t that good at playing the guitar and they plainly refused to sing. And then I remember Morten getting really good at finger play and learning all the intro’s to the Simon & Garfunkel songs, and he used to show off when we were together with the gang and tease me by starting to play the beginning of “Homeward bound” and not playing the rest. Now Morten is really REALLY good at playing guitar, and he’s not too shy to sing anymore, in fact he plays every week at this famous pub in Stavanger, and people love him and hire him for events. Where he, in his own words; “sell my soul to the devil, playing loads of commercial crap just to please the crowd…”
Then I remember sitting on the bus on my way to work this summer listening to the great harmonies in “Bleeker street” and I had this vision of me and Morten doing their songs together, like the old days, but with an audience. And properly. And when the next song that came on turned out to be my favourite S&G song “Kathy’s song” I was convinced and I contacted him immediately.
Then we got a venue, we chose a list of songs, we took the picture, we got the poster, and we got the date, which was WAY to early and as we have been really busy, I’ve been in England to a very important event, and we haven’t really been able to rehearse as much as we would have liked, we have had very little time, we stand together in a slight panic, realising that the songs we once knew so well are… not as familiar anymore. He doesn’t remember the finger play, the intro’s, the solo’s, I don’t remember the lyrics, the harmonies, well… we don’t remember them as much as we thought we did. Turns out it’s kind of hard singing those beautiful tones and playing those chords without Good old Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s guidance.  But I managed to calm a very stressed and hyper Morten by saying; “there won’t be anyone there other than our family and drunken alcoholics! And they probably won’t really listen, they’ll be chatting loudly drinking and raving around while our parents will struggle to hear the lyrics. “ 

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