Oslo Bombings, explotion and Shootings – 22nd of July 2011

I am sitting here Safe and Sound next to my cat in total shock after the very surprising explotions in Oslo today. Only five hours ago I was cooking for my mother and as I was flicking through the channels I randomely ended up on CNN where the headline was; BREAKING NEWS! Explotions in Oslo! The Prime minister Jens Stoltenberg is reported safe. I almost laughed because it wa so unreal and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before, then I checked the Norwegian channels, and every channel was showing the same thing. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I have been glued to the TV ever since. My mother came home and we ate dinner in silence and quickly returned to the screen where bad news was continously being shown. Then the rumours of shootings at Utøya appeared and it just got too much. Nothing like this has happened in Norway since the 2nd world war and there was no way we were prepared for this. Endless Tweets on Twitter about the incident, no one feeling safe, horrible pictures of bleeding people, seven human beings confirmed dead, people still trapped in the buildings, and the worst. The shootings at Utøya, where politically engaged youths gather every year at the Youths Labour Party Camp, listening to politicians speak and getting involved. A man dressed as a police officer shooting at innocent kids from 15-20 years old, parents and friends getting texts from the kids trappedn on the Utøya island saying; please don’t call or text, “I am hiding, I am so scared they might find me. They are shooting.” And Tweets saying, “Please tell the police, there are shootings, help us”. People living nearby heard shootings, and when the helicopters came towards the island, they saw people swimming from the island to safety.
Every hour we are being updated by a very baffled and nervous police on television, they clearly aren’t used to this kind of panic and talking to the public like this. The prime minister is in hiding and are making public statements like, “stay together, support each other and show respect and love tho those who have been hurt or have lost dear ones.” Our prime minister used to cycle to work. Norway is going to change. There is no doubt about that.


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