Norway Cares

Today all the cities of Norway gathered in doing one common thing together for love Parades through towns with roses and torches, speeches, songs and tears and the meeting point at the end was the church. Our prime minister cried, our king cried. The country cried. Oh god I cried. I could see more than I’ve ever seen that we are a christian country today Never in my life have I seen so many people gathered in my hometown of Sarpsborg, people standing outside the church listening in, because they couldn’t comein. Even for those who don’t believe, it was nice to have a place to go, a place of solace and warmth. Andthe words the priest spoke were as human as they go. I saw people I hadn’t seen for a LONG time today. Weall felt that it was nice to meet but it was a sad occasion. Sometimes when awful things like this happens

I think to myself that it’s bad that it takes something as horrific as this to get people together like this,

doing wonderful things, showing that they care, showing love, being nice to each other, being more open। But then again, if this lasts, if my town, that is so full of judgement, scowling, and thinking you’rebetter than other people and frowning upon those who are different or has a different idea of living, if this town can change, than at least those young aspiring lives that were so tragically lost, won’t be entierly in vain. The country can learn from it. They can lead us, and leave a legacy. Not just a sad tale.


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