The new Harry Potter Generation

Alot of time and effort has shown it’s value as I rake in the prizes for brainwashing my nephews and nieces with the world of Harry Potter. Yes, years and years of playing in the woods with my friends and alone is not over. As the end of an Era commences, I refuse to let go and start a new journey with the new generation, just like the film ended, with the chocolate frog jumping on the window of the train infront of baffled kids on their way to Hogwarts, a scene that in a way deeply upset me as well as it made me feel happy for the children that haven’t heard Harry’s story yet, that are about to climb onboard the Hogwarts express.

So here we are, me dressed in Hermione’s pink hoodie, and my two nephews who have found their roles in the story. We have Ron:The new Harry Potter GenerationMy youngest nephew, who quickly learned that settling for the sidekick is as this causes a lot less problems. He has been perfectly happy playing the ginger hero we all love, the one who gives us the laughs, the one who saves us and the one who gets the girl. He has been known to respond to his mothers questions saying; “I’m not Emmanuel, I’m Ron.” When in Pottermode.The new Harry Potter Generation

And we have the Hero:The brave one who is running against the clock and his untimely death, always having pains in his scar, visions and fainting fits, but is deteremined to always save the day. And he really does. Watching “the Goblet of Fire” when Harry is torn between taking the cup or running back to save Cedric, he said; “What’s more important, winning the tournament or saving a friend? Saving a friend.”

And of we went for an adventure in the forbidden forest. The new Harry Potter GenerationWalking down there we were given an option to either face the Giant Acramantula (spider) Aragog and his hungry children or face Fluffy the three headed dog. After choosing to go towards the spiders nest practising our “Irania Egsemay” spells we see Hagrids umbrella lying on the forest floor! The new Harry Potter GenerationHagrid has been taken prisoner! We throw on the cloak of invisibility The new Harry Potter Generationand run towards the sounds of death eaters. We sneak up and untie Hagrid and attack the death eaters with loads and loads of “Stupify” and “Expelliarmus!”. Hagrid then advises us to take the short cut out of the forest while he flyes Buckbeak home, but Harry gets a pain in his scar and senses Voldemorts presence, The new Harry Potter Generationso we all walk a long long way around past spiders and steep slippery hills and dangerous plants until we finally arrive back at Gryffindor common room.Ahhh! The new Harry Potter GenerationWe’re safe! Let’s have a hot chocolate and play with the Harry Potter Lego!


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