A week in Rørvik

Rørvik week!

A week in RørvikOoh yeah, look at me… I’m loving it! The wind is in my hair… I’m on a BOAT! YEAH! Somewhere north in Norway by the long coastlines of Trondelag, where the two Hurtigruten cruise ships meet, A week in Rørvikwhere the air smells like sea, and the municipality’s coat of arms is with three fish in a circle, I have distant relations, and strong ties to my ancestry. A week in Rørvik

A week in Rørvik

In august I was lucky enough to spend a week there with my wondrous nephew and niece, A week in Rørvik staying with the most generous gracious host, some relatives that I am very fond of. A week in Rørvik

 When I have told friends about going up there to visit 4th and 5th cousins etc. people have found it funny and also lovely that we are so close to distant relatives.A week in Rørvik I have always had to explain how we’re not that close to all of them, but we do visit one branch of the family. Our family name Rørdal, started from Røyrdalen, where Halvar and his wife started a family in a little house where they had about 12 children I think, one of them died, but the rest of them had children and we count the branches from the 11 kids, (I’m not sure there might be more… haha). Our branch of the family comes from Øystein,

and the branch that we are most in touch with comes from Torvald.

Two years ago when we went for a massive family reunion, like in the picture above, my mum, sister, Niece and I used to feel a bit embarrassed about them being in such great shape compared to us. We blamed it on them being able to climb mountains every day as we were in the middle of the “Inner city life, Inner city Pressure”. And a joke appeared; That when Øystein and Torvald went fishing together, Torvald did the rowing, whilst Øystein sat there fishing and whistling a tune, and that is why we are kake eating, sofahuggers. A week in RørvikAnyway, I thought it would be good for my ubercool gaming pro Nephew and my Big City life photo digger Niece to get a bit of fresh air, get up north, to see the mountains, and do different things to what we usually do; A week in Rørvikclimbing mountains,A week in Rørvik going for walks,A week in Rørvik cycling,A week in Rørvik fishing, A week in Rørvikgoing on a boat trip, A week in Rørvikgetting influenced by our down to earth sporty relatives! So he left his gameconsoles, and she her jetset life, and took her camera along, and we took the night train up, enduring terrible sleep and smelly people, but it was all worth it… The hospitality that we were greeted with was splendid as usual. And we had a blast.A week in Rørvik

Thank you!

Untill next summer.


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  1. me says:

    ❤ Love Rørvik ❤


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