Day TWO – NO SLEEP only Stress



Last night, I could not sleep.

After a nice round of Age Of Empires III, put my Mac book away and put on a Harry Potter audio book read by Stephen Fry, and laid my head on a pillow. Around 2 o clock I was so sleepy. I almost fell asleep but then I started thinking. Worrying. Stressing. I am so worried. I am worried that the internship programme that I applied for is a scam, and that I’ll pay them $600 that I’ll never have back and that It all goes to hell, abut the large sum of money I would be spending if I went to Hawaii coming back with nothing, worried that something terrible would happen here at home when I’m there, worried that I won’t get a Visa… And I couldn’t stop thinking. Tossing and turning all night, I went upstairs around 3:30 and checked the internet started calculating again, to see how much money exactly. Then thinking that, if I go to the army, I have a whole year where I get taken care of, fed, dressed, whipped into shape, learn new things, earn money etc… If I go to Hawai… Spend money I don’t have, come back with NOTHING, but I do indeed get more work experience within the field I have studied, and hell, I get to spend three months in HAWAII! But what am I going to DO!??!?!? So, I didn’t fall asleep until around FIVE bloody o’ clock!

When I got up this morning for work, I was SO tired… almost s tired as this.


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