DAY 3 – late post, achy feet, army vibe.

DAY 3. The Army. Basically.

SORRY guys, I just came home from work, knackered and negative.

Last night, I didn’t sleep. AGAIN.

So this morning I was so tired I forgot to call the American embassy in Oslo about the tourist visa. I was on this webpage the other day checking it out, but I didn’t quite understand, something about a waiver programme, but I am going to enquire further tomorrow, if I can remember. But today I’ve been feeling more towards the army. “Forsvaret” in Norway is a great thing really.You are taken care of for a whole year, clothed, fed, trained, you learn a whole bunch of stuff, you don’t pay any bills, you are in a company in a good environment. I’ve heard great stuff from people who have been in the army in Norway, some people have been given drivers license FOR FREE, you earn money, experience etc… But the BEST thing no doubt, is that you get, a CAMELBACK… Omg I really REALLY want one…

And to feel a part of something again, after leaving school, and having worked for a year in a BORING office, with people I don’t know. That sounds so good. And I would be placed in Stavanger, and I have two best friends there, so that is great. We’ll see. We’ll see.


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