Day 4 – OMG!

DAY 4 – Deposit paid, opened door or money lost?


So I paid the deposit!

It looks like I am going to Hawaii!!!!

This will be me EVERY DAY for THREE MONTHS!

If it all goes well. PLEASE. PLEEEEEEEEASE.

Oh My God… I have spoken to everyone at work including the guests about Hawaii and I am starting to get excited, but I am getting nervous. I haven’t heard back from the I.C.E yet, so my paranoia about scams is really getting to me.

I’ve got the forms I need to fill in for the army infront of me. Maybe I should apply just in case? I can’t afford to loose $600! God, and I tried calling the American embassy in Oslo, but apparently they don’t accept calls about Visas. Great. So I emailed them, and haven’t heard anything. I bet it takes AGES. Nervous. I can’t book tickets until everything is certain.

And the tickets get more expensive the longer you wait. So… But If all goes well, it’s gonna be all SURFIN U.S.A !


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