Espa Boller – All the way!!!

 So today me and my friend went on a roadtrip to Hamar, we are staying at a hotel, researching and freaking out about the army. The session is tomorrow, where they will test our health, sight, stamina, strength, general knowledge and interview us… AHHHH! 
But  on our way up we stopped by this crazy place, where they sold their so-called, WORLDS BEST Sweet Buns. They are apparently really famous

 And there were people with yellow bun bags everywhere… It was hilarious, and I thought I had to try some and expected a hell of a lot. There were people in a queue in this petrol station, waiting to buy these buns.

So I bought a strawberry one, it was pretty good actually

 And a caramel one, it was DELICIOUS!!!!

 I also bought a chocolate one, and they do indeed deserve all the fuss. Look at the napkin! hahah.. It says, Espa Buns, worlds best. not ONE exlamation marks, not three, but FOUR! hahaah

 Look at me! I am all happy! Eating myself nice and fat for the fitness test tomorrow… Yeah baby.

Wish me luuuuuck!


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  1. Melis says:

    Hei Jasmin! Or should I say Hermione ;PJupp, Espa boller er de beste, totalt verdt den lange køen, særlig de med sjokolade!Jeg vet ikke om du fikk e-mailen jeg sendte en stund tilbake, men jeg skal flytte til London! Jeg hadde håpet på at vi kanskje kunne møttes, men, as faith would have it, du er i Hamar! XD Jeg drar den 12 September, let me know når du tar turen tilbake til England, jeg skal være der fram til Juli i hvertfall hvis ikke lenger 😉 my mail is still Hope too hear from you and Good luck at the session!All the best, love Harry!p.s.and I do realize the slight stalkerish vibe of me writting this on your blog… It's not intended that way, I just wasen't sure if you still had your old e-mail address XD


  2. Hei!!!They really are AMAZING! I can't believe u are moving to London! Yea I do of course use my good old hotmail,so keep in touch! :)Love from Jasmin (Hermione hahaha)xxx


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