Homeless and Hopeless

 Homeless and hopeless… Not really sure what to do yet. I know. Here I am, last day I sat in my room. Now its gone. The end of an era.

So relying on a generous and helpful companion, I am crashing in a house with five other students in a lovely house with Sky and lovely surroundings, not too far away from my own student house that I lived in over a year ago. God how time flies…

 It was easier than I thought to pack everything, I planned it in my head for (the whole month of time my flatmate gave me, WHILST I was in Norway not being able to attend house viewings) that I was going to box it up.

 So on the very first day I bought some (kinda expensive £9.99) Plastic boxes with purple lids, that stores quite a lot of stuff. And I stuffed SIX of them  I put my clothes in binbags and gave away seven (!!!) binbags full of clothes, shoes and bags to the Salvation Army. I have way too much. I was sad of course,  but I have been mentally preparing for it for a while. Leaving my home behind was hard and obviously I am guilt-ridden for having to store quite a lot of my beloved stuff in someone elses home.

Now all of a sudden, the choice of going to the army AND then Hawaii isn’t final, as it isn’t really easy to do all of this. I can’t keep my stuff at someone elses, I’ve GOT to put it in storage. So… NOW, there are more choices…. which leads to more stress, less sleep.

  1. Stay in London, move in somewhere in a house share, work really hard to scrape up for rent etc, continuing my slow paced acting career?
  2. Join the army for eight weeks and work at the local pub for christmas, to then go to Hawaii for three months in January?
  3. Accept my friends offer of help to get a job at her hotel, work up the money until January, frequently going to London for visits, saving up for Hawaii?
  4. WHAT!?

Help me.


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