Living Life in Delrow

 Feeling better now as you see, as at the moment I have stored all of my stuff and even my pretty little head in St. John’s house in Hertfordshire. I am staying at Delrow – Camphill, and it is lovely.Look at this house, THAT is the kind of house I have always dreamt of living in…And here is the entrance to the hall, where my theatre company FAKE ID are going to perform a Christmas version of “The Girl Who wanted To Be A Boy” to thank Delrow for being able to use the hall as a rehearsal space. I have been so lucky to know people here for over a year now, and now in this time of stress and homelessness, they have allowed me to stay. In Delrow, many different things are happening, and there are lots of fun things to do, There is the Basketry,
Where they make awesome Wicker baskets and stuff, and there is the Weavery where they do incredible things with yarn,

then there is the Bakery where the recidents make all sorts of pastry and cakes
and write down recepies and have a jolly good time. And there is the Garden workshop, in Delrow you see, they try to be as self sustaining as possible, and they grow their own food

There is the little shop
And the Needlecraft workshop where they make all sorts of things from TV-Covers to Masks, 
and there is the Pottery where they make lovely things with ceramics like mugs and vases and things, I even have my own mug that says Jaz ❤ So needless to say, being a part of this community, having a little rest and breathing the fresh air of the countryside, being fed and having a warm bed, is amazing at the moment, and helps me figure things out.

I love Delrow ❤ 


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  1. Victoria L says:

    ÅÅH SÅ SYKT FINT!!!!!!!!!!!! Og gratulerer med nytt kamera!:D


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