Another day in Delrow

Now there is just too much of a good thing, – in a good way.

Another day in Delrow
I love being here, I feel so much better now, and I am slowly getting ready. I have made my decision; I am going to the army. And I am getting ready here in Delrow, in a place that is quite the opposite the army. Another day in DelrowLots of things are  going on, Another day in Delrowand I feel pretty happy. Yesterday Hannes, a co-worker from last year, who left this summer after having stayed here a year, came to visit. Another day in DelrowHannes  is a big part of Delrow to me,Another day in Delrow as he came here at the same time as I started my relationship with Delrow. It must be hard for the people that live here, seeing the co-workers come and go, especially when you grow so fond of them and close to them. But they get used to it I guess…. And the new ones come and go.Another day in Delrow Anyway, the bonds will last forever in a way, and other than the co-workers, things doesn’t really change that much in Delrow.I was invited out for dinner in this great Italian restaurant where I had an AMAZING Entrecote. It it is a great restaurant with excellent service, and of course it helps when you are in great company, this is Tina and her Daughter Natalie Another day in DelrowAnd we were also accompanied by William and his mother Flo,Another day in Delrow and later we were joined by Riccardo and Edmund. Later we were invited to eat lovely cake at Flo’s, Rose Court house in Delrow, and we met their crazy dog that fell in love with Natalie. Another day in DelrowAnother day in Delrow
Now Im sitting in the garden of St.Johns watching the residents walking around, doing their thing. Another day in DelrowPeople walking around. Some late butterflies and bumblebees flying lazily around, as the sun peeks through the cloud. One of Mickey’s honey bees also joining the party. The lovely co-worker Theresa brings me a lovely drink and Another day in Delrowtakes a stroll around the grounds. The new co-worker who took over from Hanes, comes along,Another day in Delrow his name is Davide and he is Italian. He is lovely too,Another day in Delrow so it’s a nice transition. I’m sure I will be heartbroken when he leaves too. One of my favourite residents is Anthony, he is very interesting, and lovely. Riccardo, Another day in Delrowa young family friend from Italy is also visiting, he arrived here yesterday too, when we were at the restaurant.  It’s nice to see him again, as I haven’t seen him since last year.
Then it’s TEA films, Another day in Delrowwho are having a business meeting today, talking seriously about new plans etc. Another day in DelrowIt’s good old Adam, Tolly and Dan, they are planning making some new videos and put them on this new TEAfilms YouTube channel. 10 films with different game rules. It’s gonna be great I think. Tina and Hannes are out doing shopping, Tina have missed going shopping with him, and I must say, there is just not nearly enough drink in the house at the moment.
I am looking forward to starting something new and different in the army, but it will be sad leaving this life behind. But I will come back around christmas time of course.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lovely place lovely people it seems to be


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