So nearly 2000 views!

 I noticed today that I am nearly at 2000 views. That is nothing to rave about in the blogging world, but I think it is cool that people out there have read my blogg/viewed it that many times.

 So I thought I’d blog about it. I don’t really have too much traffic on here, but I guess I could do something about that. I know people advertise their blog and email their family and post it on facebook. I have let my family know on some occasions, and forwarded some of my favouirte links to people, but I think I am writing it more for anyone who will listen. Anyone who will look, and find and read. Anyone who would take an interest. To my family that I spend so much time apart from. And myself.

But It is pretty cool that my mindless ramblings has been viewed ALMOST 2000 times.  It’s cool when you can check out stats, and see that you have readers all over the world. I have alot from Canada, the Philipines, Russia, Lithuania, Norway and Great Britain. How cool is that?! Awesome. Anyway, three hot guys for you here. xx

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