Jasmin, the girl who was kicked out of the army

As you know I was called in to the army after being accepted after the session. So I packed my bags and took a 10 hour train journey to Stavanger, My friends that live in stavager met me there at the train station. I had already made friends with a guy who was sitting right by me, he was also going to Madla, and we got along right away. My friends took us to the bus station and literally followed me all the way to the gate. I was so nervous when we entered, showing our ID’s and papers, checking in our luggage and waiting around. It was late at night and dark, so I couldn’t really see much of the camp. Me and the rest of the girls where put in a room together and we talked excitedly before we went to bed. The next morning we got up at 05:50 and we met up at the great hall where we stand outside in two lines, then walk in, go through a hand wash and disinfection and then we went crazy at the amazing brekfeast buffet!
We were going through lots of admin and official stuff, as well as signing legal papers, courses and watching movies at the cinema. I was going to the camp-shop and yo-ho! What is the first thing I see? My friend in the news paper! Hahahahahahah By the cinema and the shop there is a place called “Velferden” it’s a kind of common room with TV, Xboox, Playstation, Rockband, DVD’s, books and they serve tea & coffee, it was my favourite place.  On the second day we were divided in to troops, and I was separated from some of my best friends, but I still had one left, Peter, who really looks like one of my Fifth-cousin. I was put in a room with a group of new girls and I got a really good bed luckily.  We were taken around the camp and showed everything, and everytime we left one base going on to another, we lined up in two rows and counted ourselves from behind and marched together to the next place. The food was amazing, there was Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper. We weren’t allowed to throw any food away, so you had to take the amount of food you would be able to eat, which I loved, as I hate when people throw food away. Here is where my troop and Comopany slept. My troops hallway looked like this, how many times whe stood there in two lines facing each other, looking at the gun-holders, looking forward to getting our guns and uniforms! We went in to the flag square where they everyday have a formal seremony and three soldiers stand there raising the flag, no one was there watching at the time, but they did make a really big deal out of it. It was really funny watching, I’ve never seen the Norwegian flag getting that much respect. Then we were lined up and our officer taught us commands, stands and turns. It was so cool, and I kept laughing all the time as I felt like I was in Forrest Gump or someting. In the evenings we would just hang out and have fun, and tidy our stuff, knowing that when inspections started our rooms needed to pe in perfect condition. Then we were sent to the Medic, where we went trhough loads of tests, dental, optician, colour visiont test, holding our breath, measuring, weight etc. And when we passed through all of that, we were sent to the doctor. And here, everybody is wher this adventure ends. The doctor read that I have Hyperthyroidsm, something they knew from the session. And the doctor went to another doctor, and discussed it, and were angry at the doctor that had seen me at the session, that he let me through at all,  and they had to send me home. I cried and I cried, and they told me they were sorry, and the main reason why I wouldn’t be able to do it is because of the survival week, where they stay out in the field without anything. And then I wouldn’t be able to take my medication. I’ve gone a week without it before! It’s not that big a deal! But no… I have been sent home, packed my bags, cried, and walked out with a bent head. Life is unfair sometimes.. I am so sad, at the moment I am staying at my friends house in Stavanger, trying to figure out what to do. I am now, Jasmin, the Girl who was kicked out of the Army.

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