How to get a job in a small town

Now, I’ve got some time on my hands and no money, so I guess I’ve got to give away some of my time, and get some money for it, – Cashback. As they say in the Brilliant film Cashback, with Superhot Sean Biggerstaff and Emila Fox. I’m spending my days in Sarpsborg looking for jobs online and talking to people I know, because something I realised when looking for a Summer job (which I started in FEBRUARY) It is NOT easy to get a job here. Small towns tend to hire people they know first and foremost, and apparently a good application, CV and cover letter just doesn’t make a difference when competing with local retards. I applied for over 25 summer jobs, and I got ONE job interview, and TWO rejection emails. HOW RUDE!? I didn’t get a chance to meet them and give an impression, and I didn’t even get a rejection email! So when I came home for the summer I went and had a look at the successful applicants. CLEARLY I could have managed all these jobs, JUST (if not better) than these people. And I quickly figured out after doing some research, that pretty much everyone got a job because they know someone. I don’t have any contacts, I don’t have a network here in town, so what do I do?

 You’ve gotta just CALL. EMAILS doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. CALL, and seem really confident, plan ahead what you are going to say, and if you can read a script naturally, make one, where you write down everything that’s relevant and just laugh a lot. (Not Forced of course.) Be honest, but confident I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING… Ooh YEAH Then, try to insist on getting a meeting. Or just say that you are going to drop by. And do so the day after, attend, dressed proffessionally, almost over-the-top, be confident and bring everything you might need in a proffessional-looking laptop bag or something. The surroundings might scare you if it is a big company, but pretend that you’ve done it loads of times before. I was recently adviced by a brilliant buisness woman, who made her own work and now is really successful. And she told me that emails and letters won’t work. Just hang around the reception, the offices, get to know the people, go in there with something, believe in yourself and insist on being seen and heard. And if it doesn’t work… Well.. What do you have to loose? Try another job.



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