Jasmin on TV!

Yeah that’s right… I got a job on tv!

So, the latest news is that I Jasmin walked in to the office of the local television, http://www.tvostfold.no/ and totally got a job as a reporter. Check out how nervous I was on my first job as a reporter here: 
 So…. I’m a journalist now. Yeah, that’s right. Hahahaha. I hope you are laughing too. I’ts riddiculous, but to be honest, I am starting to truly believe that I can contribute to the programme now, and after a few meetings I got a mission, to find 10 bands, to make a 3 min. programme about, for the weekly show “Popcorn” So I called all my good old contacts from my old school days, and it was hilarious reconnecting with them in this way, they didn’t even know that I am in Norway at the moment. But I got a good line-up and the first show is going to start with Malin Larsen, a good friend of mine who is a brilliant singer-songwriter with a very unique sweet and soothing voice. I will put on the link to the show when it comes online, so you can see, but in the meantime, check out her myspace page and listen to her tunes! http://www.myspace.com/563035771
As she started playing, I felt really proud of her and I was pleased that I could in some degree contribute to marketing her, because I know she is shy, and she’s like me in that she struggles to “sell herself”. So hopefully someone will see her and book her or take her under her wing, because she is incredibly talented. 

Working with a cameraman I didn’t know was fun, I was nervous at first, because I didn’t know whether he would engage in what I was doing, but after a while, we worked really well together and he was great. The worst thing in the world, is really, ME in front of the camera. I can hold a conversation with someone alright, I can interview, but GOD, introducing… Ohh no. But, it went alright… after a while. But practise makes perfect.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is sooo coool, congrats on the job!I really liked it, just wish you were on for more than 3 min!!! You go girl!


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