Thursday, for TV and on TV

Last Thursday I aired on TV for the first time, whilst I was filming for next week.

I am so lucky and I was thinking that over and over again last thursday from the beginning to the end of the workday. I was picked up and driven to my favourite town around here, Halden, and me and Cato the Cameraman set up and met up with the band Sharing! Out Loud, who took us to this rooftop, where we shot them performing and interviewed them. They were really great and it was nice seeing my old school friend Magnus Granholt again, who is the vocalist of the band. They were great fun and after being on the rooftop we went to “Feelgood” a cool  grungy rock venue where we filmed them to record a better sound. And all the while 40 000 viewers around østfold were watching episode 25 of Popcorn where my first report aired, you can view it here:
Really excited to see the next episode, hopefully I’ll be able to watch it live. I am still editing, I am struggling a bit to sync everything, but at least the song is nice and catchy, so I am enjoying it. Just a bit worried as it doesn’t always look as good with the indoor sound synced on to the outdoor shots. But hopefully they think it’s alright when I bring it to studio tomorrow! Yeah that’s right… Studio! hahahah.

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