There were some extremely cute kids that came trick or treatin’ at our door and by the end of the night there was nowt left, and I was left dissappointed and candy hungry. 
It’s bitter that I can’t go trick or treatin’ anymore, it would just be too creepy, but MAN I miss the fun… and the candy. Me and my friend Megan used to go together and GOD did we mess things up if we didn’t get our candy. hahahah. God, we were mental. Some poor bloke in the neighbourhood was in a bit of a mood, and just said “Well, I guess it’s trick for me.” And slammed the door. I bet he wished he didn’t do that… because the next day, his car was… well.. Really messed up. tampons, dipers, lots of female period products basically strewn over the car, nailpolish (I know… I know..), toiletpaper and crap all over it. 
We were terrible. But come on! He was a sourpuss. He got what he deserved. Moahahhaha. 


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