Shooting all over Østfold!

Yo yo yiggidy yo!
I’ve been a very happy bunny lately being driven around filming bands and promos 
And it’s pretty cool getting to interview these talented people! I am getting loads of experience in front of the camera as a reporter now which is really good and the editing is so much fun allthough I’m finding it hard, syncing a melodious hardcore metal band’s performance to the track. But hopefully they’ll be forgiving when they’ll see that the guitar solo isn’t the right one etc. Cato and I are a superb team now and I can’t wait to see the advert for our shows air on TV! We had so much fun making it but  I had to kill alot of babies editing it

and still I haven’t able to cut them down to 30-40 seconds…! HOW THE HELL ?! There is just too much good material! Hahah. Anyway, had a good time shooting The Sicilian Message today, they were awesome, and I can’t wait to shoot Pretty Diesent in studio this sunday! Until then… check out the promo we did for the show here: 


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