They’re Pretty Diesent

Today we were shooting a report about the family band Pretty Diesent in Halden town. Halvor Diesen the oldest brother and the drummer of the band is an old school friend of mine and a very talented musician. Me and Cato drove to their rehearsal space where they also are recording some tunes with help from another old friend of mine Casper. The three siblings have grown up with good music and started playing from a very early age, and together they make solid kind rock n´roll. We filmed them playing a tune called; “I can’t forget” that Therese the youngest of them and the only girl, had written. They all write songs, and come up with ideas at the dinner table, sometimes involving their grandmother, according to them. We interviewed them sitting squashed together on a red sofa, where they were wearing funny hats and talking amongst themselves. It’s going to be hard to cut all the good material down to only 3 minutes! They are arranging an event on the 9th of december where lots of young people are coming together to play music at Fredrikshald theatre, which sounds promising and next summer they are planning a festival up by the fortress, a sort of music-picnic they called it and it sounds amazing. They are all really involved and engaged in the local culture life and I am sure they are all going to be strong name around here, and seeing as their dad is already kind of well known within the music community, and Halvor is doing sound and rigging on gigs around the country with well known bands, they kind of already are a big name. And, I am sure when they’ve established themselves  properly Pretty Diesent are going to sound very much Diesent.


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