Birthday celebrations

I had my birthday on the 19th of november and I had some friends and family over for some festivities at home, before we hit the town. Most of my friends have moved away and aren’t really here except during xmas and summer holidays, but the fiew that are here at the moment came and we still had a jolly good time. We were playing this game that my family always plays, called “Fantasi” It’s a miming game, and it’s lots of fun. We split up into three teams and improvised our asses of, we also played that “Who am I?” game, where everyone has a post-it note on their forehead with someone famous’ name, and we went around in circles asking questions to the others to guess who we were. I took frickin’ ages… I was Napoleon. Hahaha. We had lots of nibbles and drinkses, and my mother had baked a beautiful delicious cake, and my sister her traditional orgasmic milk chocolate cake… mmm… Look at them. The day after we had a proper family birthday, but also for my little nephew Emmanuel and his cousin Andrea. Lots of family gathered, eating lovely lasagna and cake… And GOD, the toys! Toys everywhere, lots of things I wanted when I was a kid but never got… Like a huge lovely doll’s house, and a play kitchen, with a till, and a card machine and everything.Here’s the cool table, where I sat, next to Gabriel I bought Emmi a Ronald Weasley action figure, as when we play Harry Potter, he’s always Ron. And he was very happy about it. God, Someone needs to dye her hair…
Wishing you were here brother… ❤ 

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