More than one side to schizophrenia

Today I was met with a horrible site. Literally. typing in on the browser bar I found this to be the front page Not only am I devastated to find out that the mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik has been diagnosed with the mental illness of Paranoid Schizophrenia, not shocked but sad, because I am already aware how judgmental people especially in Norway, are about this perticular diagnose. For example, just a few hours after the diagnose was published, there were photos of him with the words ‘Psychopath’ written over his face, so to them, Schizophrenia is pretty much the same thing as being a psychopath. 

I was expecting him to get a diagnose, I think the whole country was. We were waiting for days for the psychiatrists to finish the analyzation of his psyche and I was dreading what was coming. Allthough I do not know what relevant changes this will do to his punishments, and I am sure all the poor families of the victims have their own struggles with that, I do know that this will bring another F***load of grief to the people that are also burdened with this terrible torturing illness.

My brother suffered from Schizophrenia, and I suffered bullying from classmates as a kid througout my life about it, and my throat still burns when I hear jokes about it, which you so often do in standups, sitcoms, comedy movies and everyday life in general. People LOOOOOOOOVE to joke about it. And hey, they do that about everything, so I’m not pushing my luck here, I’m just mentioning it. My Brother suffered with this illness for elleven f***ing years and he was the best person I ever knew. He was so calm, loving, intelligent and funny, and he mastered his symptoms extraordinarily. And I know several victims of this diagnosis.

What people do not seem to realise is that there are so many variables of this illness, so so many, and it is so individual how you react, behave and what it does to you. My brother didn’t have a split personality. He didn’t go round talking to himself.

I am just scared now, scared of what prejudice, slander and SHIT will come out of this, and that will pollute people’s mind about those people that are suffering from it and already have an instant label on them when people find out that they are a “Shcizo” GOD I hate that word. Please…. Spread the word…! Please God, let this not make it all worse, I have not yet given it a thought as to whether this makes a difference to me about mr.Breivik, whether I think that explains it more, I don’t care, what was done was done, and it destroyed so much, I just DO NOT want people all over to pay to much attention to the label, to the diagnosis, because it doesn’t explain why he did what he did. And it does not define the millions of others marked with the same terrible red bold brand.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Er det mulig å fjerne bildene av en viss person?


  2. Kan du vaere mer spesifikk? Utdyp.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Det han ønsker er å bli sett, og husket, vi vil ikke se han, vi vil ikke huske han. Vi boikottet avisene da han var på forsiden…Uansett, forferdelig for de virkelig syke at de har satt denne diagnosen på han. Takk for at du tar opp stigma.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Tusen takk, du har et stort hjerte <3som bryr seg (og fin sang)


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