A shout out to Russia and Canada!

 Hello readers from the great continents…..

I’ve noticed for the last month that this pointless drivel has attracted a great audience from Russia and Canada! I am very pleased! What can I say..? Thank you- hahah. About four years ago I bought myself a map of the world because I realise I am TERRIBLE in geography. Never really interested me in school, and it was all about volcanoes and weather anyways, but later in life I have found it pretty embarrassing to be this bad in geography. There are still countries I do not know exist, and I didn’t know that Lithuania excisted untill I was 18! HOW PATHETIC !? Anyways, it wasn’t untill I bought the map I realised how MASSIVE Russia and Canada are! WOW… they are so HUGE, and yet you don’t hear that much about them compared to America, Africa, Europe etc.. I even know more about Australia and New Zealand. But I’ve met a few Canadians and they are always good value. I always said I’d rather go Canada then the states… And Russia… well, I once saw a period drama on tv, and I just saw this incredible castle, garden and beautiful scenery, and I was like, well this must be old England? But nooooo, It was Russia the beautiful. Ever since that moment I realised I didn’t really know much about it, and I that my childish preconseptions from the Vin Diesel movie xx-something wasn’t all that realistic. When I Studied Acting in London we had a teacher who was obsessed with Russia and their methods. She always showed us videos from their schools and constantly wore fuzzy russian fur hats. I would like to visit both places, and I am fascinated to find out why people are reading my blogs from there…. Thank you anyway, I feel honoured, and I think it’s quite cool! 😀


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