My boys Frankie & Elvis

I have been fed a lot of good music in my childhood by my parents, and when I was really young I kept watching a documentary my dad gave me called “Elvis – That’s the way it is” over and over, and kept dreaming about him. I was soooo in love with him and GOD is he the most good looking man that ever lived. And he still gives me… well, inaproperiate shivers. Haha… And later on in life when i was around 15, I started liking even older music, and discovered that the lovely voice I had heard on our Christmas CD singing ‘O little town of Bethlehem’ Over and over also did some of the greatest songs, with my favourite, BIG BAND, and totally fell in love with him too. After many years with love for these fella’s, I discover this unique AMAZING video, OMG OMG OMG. Them…. TOGETHER! I really was born in the wrong time. But, I can watch the boys do their magic together over and over, and Imagine myself in-between them. Hahaha… But come on, look at Elvis there, he is OUTRAGEOUSLY good looking. Who wouldn’t!?
Watch their sexy asses:

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