Oh Lord… I have finally done it. I have joined a network. I have been a fan of twitter since it started up and quickly joined it with my theatre company FAKE ID, and have been a little too active on the account.  We were only meant to promote the company with it and I’ve caught myself recently following accounts for personal pleasure such as Harry Potter stuff and Bands. tut tut. UNPROFESSIONAL.  

I don’t know how long people have been nagging at me for, to join facebook etc. And I Know it is a brilliant way of staying in touch. But I don’t like it. I don’t like the thought of me having it, getting addicted, getting tagged, untagging, putting up hundreds of half-good photos because people want to tag themselves… No, I don’t want to. I see all the positive sides to it, I do, and maybe one day I’ll join. But not today. Twitter is the way. I think it’s fun seeing politicians, activist, theatre companies, writers and celebs write short sentences and document their lives and it’s just… cool. So now I am one of them. I’m out there. And pardon me if I over-tweet. That’s why I stayed away in the first place. 


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