Bestestbestfriend day

16th of December – The bestestfriend day.
Me and one of my oldest and best friends Megan have a special date when we celebrate our friendship. We got the idea from the cartoon series Timon & Pumbaa, that we used to watch together. We always used to say that we were like them. She was Timon and I was Pumbaa, and we always looked out for eachother and hung out together all the time. We’ve grown up together almost like sisters and still to this day even though she studies medicine in Poland, and I reside in London, we keep in touch and see each other every holiday. So I just wanted to dedicate this post to her as we weren’t able to see each other yesterday. We picked the 16th of december because it is my sister and her boyfriends birthday. So it was easy for us to remember. 
Through thick and thin we stick it out,
we never forget
we are like family. 
She knows me so well and I know her,
the memories are endless
my love for her is timeless.
We started on the same path,
but chose our different ways
but still we are so similar
we never give up
we fight our way through.

Love you Megan<3


One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ohh… Thank you soooo much!! Jeeeej! 🙂 See ya soon! -Megan


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