An Adult birthday Party

This is me at my first Adult Birthday party. Do I look scared? Trying to keep it cool. Be grownup like. My sister and her boyf turned 70 years old all together on the same day. Yeah. they were born on the same day. Serious. 
Lots of Beer, booze and wine
eating lasagne on paper plates
Rihanna, Onkel Tuka, The Shadows and Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the background
chatting about kids and kindergartens
jokes about sexgames
playing ‘who am I?’
Shouting at each other and arguing about the Quiz game rules
Showing off fancy smartphones and investments
watching a fake online footballgame with fictive teams in a fictive league
not in any way being able to build a drinking game foostable
jamming in the basement to a sour guitar and an ancient microscopic keyboard and a non-erect microphone
waking up early next day having to go to work
being driven by a still half-drunk guy in the neighbours non EU approved car because the other car was trapped in the yard by his friends car
being late for work and opening the shop in yesterdays clothes, makeup and greasy hair
what a ball
I’m an adult now

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