Another Simon & Garfunkle Tribute!

Morten and I just couldn’t resist the temptation, -we had to do another Simon & Garfunkel tribute gig.

So we’re gathering friends and family and anyone who would like to come to this gathering on the 30th of december at Vertshuset Café & Bar AsTunebakken 17Sarpsborg, Norway  To make people that we know more aware of this really cool place. It’s relatively newly established and has live music three times a week! IN SARPSBORG! WTF. How great is that, and what’s even more incredible is that it’s run by a bunch of relly nice volunteers…! So this is such a great cause to support that we really felt that we had to support it by bringing lots of friends. We’ve invited people to contribute with Stand-up, music, poetry and theatre improvisation and I hope we’ll get a good turnout. 
If you are about in Østfold on the 30th of december, DO come by and check it out, it’s a New Years party sort of thing with loads of cool things going on and a good price on the pint. See you there!

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