Merry little christmas Norwegian style

I know it’s a bit late, but it’s still christmas where I am, so I thought i’d wish u a merry little christmas and show you how we do it here in Norway.
Hanging up all sorts of decorations
 and decorating the christmas tree
Sending and receiving christmas cards as you   greedily eat and drink too much
Making gingerbread houses with your family
Meeting up with the good old gang that also moved away from the old smelly hometown
Getting in to a christmassy mood with lovely christmas tunes 
Getting your loved ones the presents they really want no matter how long it takes
Getting family visits for lovely christmas dinners
Visiting family for more lovely christmas dinners
Eating way too much cakes, candy and food 
Celebrating the birth of Jesus with your family on the 24th of december 
Then unwrapping the presents in front of your family and show gratitude
for any presents,
 from self-knitted woollen socks to very special napkins
Meeting up for fun times with friends, skiing, sliding, skating, bowling or
lovely and cozy board game nights
Showing the love to everyone by keeping the spirits high no matter how tired 
you are
Merry Christmas every one.
(it’s still christmas here) Jula varer helt til paske! Or, to me
christmas lasts until new years eve. Yeah, am I right? Oooh yeah.

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