New Years Eve Party Games

The days before New Years Eve I did a bit of research to find some cool things to do with my friends on NYE, as I really wanted this annual tradition to be as cool as last years, when we had karaoke, Beatles rock-band and other electronic delicacies to our disposal. 

First of all I had planned a month ago to force my friends to try and do a roleplay. Or Larp as you might also call it. My friends kept confusing it with a murder mystery game and next time I think I’ll just go with that instead. But anyway… POINT is, I thought I would share some of the things I came up with, what you need and the success rate.

Some Awesome phone APPS will be introduced, they DO make the games more fun, but can of course be replaced. Although most likely one of your friends has an iphone. Apple Rules. 
The Prezzie Dicey game
Now this one might seem a bit weird and almost just like a weird way of giving out presents, but TRUST me, it is fun.

What you need:
  • As many presents as people in the room
  • A timer/timer on phone
  • A dice app OR of course a normal dice

I bought all the presents for everyone and wrapped them differently so that they would appeal to different people, but you can plan this ahead and get people to bring a present each, or you could agree on a £ limit and they’ll pay you to get them etc. 

The presents I made were all different, weird and some were quite crap, but that makes it really funny, so you don’t have to invest too much into it.

Also the dice app is just extra fun, you shake the phone and it makes a noise, and you can change the colour of the dice etc. It was just a fun thing and we kept discussing what would have been different if we’d paid $1.4 for a “premium” version of the dice app.

How do you do it?

You start with all the presents on the table, one for each person. You set the time, (in our case 30min.) and the first person shakes the phone and throws the dice. It’s all about getting a six, and if you get a six, you can choose a present that looks interesting to you. Keep it on your lap so it’s not on the table. Then the next person throws the dice, one throw per round. 
Now if someone gets a six, and they want your present, they can take it from you. And if that person already had a present, they put that back on the table, and you end up with nothing, there’s no swapping. 
If you have a present and you throw a six, and you don’t want to take someone else’s present, you can insure your present for one round. No one can steal it from you the whole round until it’s your turn again. 
When the alarm goes off, some people might be left without a present, in which case it’s a first served first basis, and one must quickly take the present you prefer from the selection that is left on the table. 

Success Rate:


People get excited and they get attached to their presents, and the time limit makes it scary and exciting and when the alarm goes off and everyone jumps, it ends with everyone opening presents… which always is a good thing.
The classic Who am I? game.

This game takes a tiny bit of pre-planning also, but it won’t take long, and it’s quite fun.

What you need:
  • Blank white stickers/ bits of paper and Sellotape
  • Marker pen
How do you do it?

This is a very easy game that most people already know, and it’s quite fun for everyone as you all get to laugh at each-others far off questions. 

Basically, you and perhaps a helper write down a famous person (actor,writer, sportsman, historic person etc.) on to all the different stickers and put them on everyone’s foreheads. 
Get your helper to write one to you and you one to the helper. 
Now everybody sits down in a circle unknowing of what name is on their foreheads and you start going around the circle asking questions.
You ask yes/no questions and it’s wise to try and remember all the information that you’ve gathered. 
You ask for example “-am I a man?” and everybody else answer it. When the questions get more complicated your answers might be vague and varied,
like if your sticker says, JESUS and you ask, “-am I alive?” people might come up with different answers, but this is all part of the fun.
When you feel you have figured out who your person is, you can say it when it is your turn.

Success rate:


The success on this game kinda depends on the crowd, if people are too drunk already they might just sit and babble for ages when other people are trying to ask a question. But if everyone’s into it, it is a grrrrreat time. It’s hilarious to see how some people just ask the completely WRONG questions.


EVERYBODY knows Charades!
(well almost everyone)  

What you need:
  • Charades app/Charades the game/ imagination
How do you do it?

If you have the phone app, it’ll tell you what to do and you can choose whether to be on teams or not, but basically, each person has to get up on the floor and mime something, without the use of sounds or pointing at objects. 
If you have the phone app, it’ll send you up on to the floor in random order, and it’ll pick a subject for you. If you don’t have that OR the game, you’ll have to use your imagination. Sometimes, it has to be said, It’ll make a mistake and classify “Friends” as a SONG instead of a TV-show. But, obv you can correct that yourself.
You should all establish rules forehand, to decide what signifies the different subjects,


And in dire need one can also use the helpful, “Sounds like” which mean you mime something that rhymes with or sounds like the word you mean.
 ——-> Sounds like 

You also show how many words with your finger, so you start,
(then you signalise to which word you’ll mime first)
And if you wanna do it all out you can also tap your arm for syllables, for example tap your arm
three times for three syllables. Easypeasy. 

So most importantly; NO TALKING.
And it’s just about getting it right. How fun eh?
Success Rate:

This is a fun game for everyone, shy people might take a little longer to get into it, but it’s an icebreaker as much as grrrreat entertainment. And not much effort in to preparation. (Especially with an app)

A short Roleplay/Larp 

This is a game that requires quite a lot of preparation, and IT’s NOT for everyone.
If your with a lively crowd that aren’t afraid to use their imaginations and be a bit silly, this is very fun.

What you need
  • Time to prepare
  • Email adresses to the guests
How do you do it?
You need to pick a theme like for example, “Art Exhibition” or “Rich people’s Party” – like i did, and create some characters and their relations to each other.

Take my example,
I wrote the guests this invite letter

“Dear guest, you have been invited to Martin Theodore Salsbury’s party, to celebrate the opening of his 25th hotel, that opened yesterday in Dubai. And also to celebrate his son, Martin Jr.’s engagement to the successful young German Politician Helena Shwabish. This technically makes Martin the richest out of all of his friends.
There will be served duck and fine drinks, and you may bring a guest.

Martin’s secretary.”

Then you write a character background for each person, and draw out a map of their relation to each other. What is fun, is if you give different characters different information on different subjects, so that they might end up arguing about it. And if you make some characters not like each other, or have completely different political opinions. For example,
Martin Theodore Salsbury is a Right wing man, and his son Martin Jr. has made Helena not reveal that she is a left-wing politician. 
You should also give them some objectives, like for example, one of the guests could be an investor, and you could give him a reason not to like the person who wants him to invest, so that the person who wants to get funded really needs to work hard to convince the investor. Etc.

Send the information to your friends in advance, and let them not reveal anything to each other.
Prepare nametags, (stickers) where you write their names and age, so that it’s not hard for everyone to remember.
My role was an overseeing role, so I was the Linda, the Butler/secretary and made sure everyone had their glasses full and delivered telegrams.
All telegrams (that the overseer write during the game) has to be read out loud, in this case Martin had to read them all out loud no matter how embarrassing they were, for instance;

“Dear Martin.
I am on my way to Hong Kong with my Lady boy from Thailand,
as I can’t live like this any longer. You have treated me most unfairly,
and I can neer forgive you.

Ps. My brother waisted loads of your money, skipped out of Brown University and has
spent the last two years living free around the world in your hotels.

Leonora Salsbury.”

When you feel that the game has ran it’s course and people have got what they wanted from each other, Like buisness deals, or revealed secrets about each other, argued etc. You can finish the game.

Success Rate:


Again this really depends on the crowd. And people kind of have to get quite in to it and not go out of character during play. But if people get in to it, it is SO much fun and you’ll all end up talking about it for HOURS after it’s done, and tell each other about conversations and revelations. 

Couch of Power

Now this is an easy game to play and doesn’t take much preparation. You should have enough players to make 2-3 teams of 4 to make this work.
This is a fun game that will remind you all of childhood memories from Musical Chair, but is a bit better for adults. As adults like more strategy and “power”. 

What you need:

  • As many seats as players
  • A couch (that counts as 3-4 seats depending on the size)
  • Slips of paper with the players names
How do you do it?

Split up in to teams of 3-4. Even is best, and it’s extra fun to split up couples as this tends to stir their competitive instincts and gives the game some extra buzz. 
Arrange the seats in a circle, (only one couch, than the rest of the seats are chairs etc.) 

Hand out the slips of paper with players’ names; it doesn’t matter if you have your own name. Everyone should have one slip, with no extras.
Teams then alternate seats (i.e., no two team members are sitting next to each other) so that two people from each team are on the couch and there is one empty seat. Play begins with the player left (or clockwise) of the empty seat.
The player calls a name, and whoever has that name on their slip must move to the empty seat, making their former seat the new empty seat.
To make the game particularly challenging, every time someone moves to the empty seat, they should exchange slips of paper with the person who called their name (now on their left). Now everyone will know what the person who called the name has, but will not know what the person who moved has (unless said earlier in the game).
Play always passes to the player to the left of the empty seat. The same name cannot be called twice in a row, and you cannot call the name that is on your slip of paper.
When all three/four people on the couch are from the same team, the game is over and that team wins.
Players can focus on moving the ideal person to the ever-changing empty seat, keeping in mind that the person sitting to the left of a vacated seat will be the next to play. Like chess,

 this requires some ability to think ahead.

Success rate:

The rules of this game is a bit hard to explain and understand at first, so beware and try to keep the players enthusiastic, so that when the game commences, everyone is excited and the tension builds. It’s fun and keeps everyone focused and together. 

Would you rather?

I love just asking my friends, would you rather questions, and now I found out that you can do it party version. Kinda. There’s of course an app for this as well and it’s called,
Would you choose… and as the others I mentioned, it’s FREE! Woop!

What you need:

  • An iphone with the Would you choose… app
How do you do it?

Obviously this is a fun chat-kinda-game you could just sit around the table and do while you drink your drinks and eat your snacks. But it’s always more fun to do things with an app. Pass the phone around and read out what the alternatives are and discuss what you would choose. 

Success rate:


If you play your cards right and present this game subtly when your all sitting around the table, and people aren’t that drunk yet, people will think it’s fun and it gets people talking and really breaks the ice. It gives you quite fun alternatives and it’s just simple fun.


One of the coolest free games out there now is the Alkinator, an online “guru” thingy that guesses whoever you are thinking about. It’s really fun!!! CRAZY addictive.

What you need:

Success rate


This is such a popular game at the moment, and will be very fun for everyone.
Beware! Very addictive!


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