It’s not easy to get in to the USA

You know me, everything’s a smooth transaction, easy, no problem. So of course there’s been no problems for me to sort this trip out at ALL.
Except maybe;

  • Managing to book the wrong return flight date
  • Writing my middle name as a surname on the ticket
  • Writing my middle name as a surname on the visa application
  • Being allowed to change the details for a £140 fee from Air France but NOT American Airlines
  • Not being able to change the details on my passport to match the ticket because the embassy is being refurbished
  • Finding out that my travel insurance covers about everything but this problem
  • Getting reminded by the travel agency that if I spent £35 more while booking, on their Ticket guarantee, they would just cancel the tickets and book new ones for free
  • Not being able to apply for a new Visa, if you have already applied for one and confirmed details
So, at this moment I am back where I was when; I didn’t have tickets, I didn’t have a Visa. So, back to naught. Thought I’d share some of the things I’d learnt.

Should I fly with American Airlines?

NO. They are bastards. Do NOT fly with them, they will not help you if something has gone wrong, even if you pay them, so that you are forced to buy another ticket.
If I have booked tickets but written my name wrong, or something similar, will American Airlines change it for me for a fee?
NO, they will NOT change the details for you for a fee, like any other airline, I had the same problem with Air France, I called up, said I got the name wrong, and they were willing to change it for a £30 fee. But American WILL NOT, even if the AMERICAN EMBASSY IN OSLO call up the head of the airline. 
And if you somehow get the date wrong, they will NOT change the tickets either. SO… NOTHING changes. You MUST book new tickets.
If I have two Surnames, should I register them both as surnames when booking tickets?

FOR GODS SAKES, check your passport! Just whatever you do make sure ALL your details on the ticket matches your passport.
Will it create problems if I put my middle name as my surname on my VISA, or make any other small mistake like that?

YES. Contact them Via their website immediately, they are very willing to help and answer questions fairly quickly. Because you WILL NOT GET IN TO THE COUNTRY if ANYTHING is mispelled/wrong/wrong order etc. 
If I’ve made a little mistake on my VISA, do I have to apply for a new one?

Most likely YES, but contact them ASAP and find out, because they do offer a one-time opportunity to change details on certain things, within a certain time limit.
If I have two surnames, but one of them is registered as a middle-name on my passport, can I change that on my passport, so that it matches the ticket?

Yes and this will be a cheaper option than buying a new ticket, but it will take time, I know that getting a new Norwegian Passport in Norway costs around £100 and takes 6-10 days. But getting a New Norwegian passport in ENGLAND costs £45 and may take as little as 4 days down to 48 hours! 
BUT, if your second surname is also registered as a middle name in the people’s register, you cannot change it. SO – YOUR PASSPORT MUST MATCH YOUR REGISTERED NAME. But the embassy will then most likely offer to change that so that both your surnames are registered as thus, but this will take up to 3 weeks. 
When I search for flights, can the dates have somehow changed during filling in the booking details and transaction?

YES, so ALWAYS check if you have BOTH of the DATES and TIMES right BEFORE paying, even if you put in the right time and dates in the beginning, as they might change by the click of a button/scroll on the mouse/changing of page. 
Will my travel insurance cover the rebooking/cancellation of my tickets if I made an error in booking.

Only if YOU/YOUR FAMILY DIE/get very ill.
If I book tickets from the travel agency TICKET, should I get their Ticket guarantee/Ticket garanti?

I would not recommend you fly with them at all as their service is pretty BAD
but YES, for GOD’S SAKE, no matter HOW sure you are GET the Ticket guarantee!!!
Any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.
I will update this blog as I go, as I still am without a VISA AND TICKETS.
Will find out tomorrow how it goes….
So let’s see if I can still go to Hawaii…. ❤

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