On my way.. to Hawaii!

At the airport.

So much can go wrong… Nervous. Got through the checkin at Gardemoen Oslo alright. Although I thought there was trouble abrewing when I couldn’t check in on the automat, like everyone else. Got help. Turned out that my flight booking number or something wasn’t in my passport. Something scary. But it was fine. He just typed it in. Checked in my suitcase. *fingers crossed I’ll see it again* (need to make sure it gets on the plane to L.A, when I arrive in Paris. Security went alright. They had to check my bag as my DVD case looked suspicious… But I was cleared. Sitting right by the gate now, headache, gonna sip some water and drug myself with some painkillers. Kinda nervous, but feeling better now. Charging macie. (My beloved travelling partner and companion mac) Wish me luck. I’ll be in Hawaii soon… Well, not soon. Have to stay a day in L.A. How frightful. 😉


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  1. me says:

    Bare ikke gjør samme blemma som Tone Damli, viste fram alt i passet; velkommen, stjæl min identity lism:))))GOOOOOOOD TUUUUUUR !!!!!


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