One day in L.A.

So I flew away to Los Angeles, and spent 24 hours there, I lived at a great youth hostel down in Santa Monica, and had a good time just meeting people and walking about. Here’s some photos.

 I was very happy with the planeride, they had an awesome selection of new and old films, TV shows, music, videogames, I had a blast. Time just FLEW by…. oH, hahah.

 Can you see that? It’s ICE! And snow! It’s mental… Me and the guy next to me weren’t sure where it was,

 Greenland maybe?

 The air-hostess that took care of me was amazing, she was beautiful and so cute and sassy. And I just basked in snacks and free drinks. Good times.

The second meal, It doesn’t look good but it is. But the first meal was even better. Lovely Salmon.

When I saw the coastline of California I started feeling fuzzy, never really been that obsessed with going to America as everyobody else, but, it felt pretty special, and Since it’s my first trip out of the lovely European continent, it’s pretty different.
And when I saw the Hollywood sign in the distance, I officially started crying. If you enlarge this picture, you can see it far far away under the wing… WOOP! Yeah baby! I’ve seen the Hollywood sign!

 LAX – Los Angelese Airport was really dissappointing. Ugly, dirty, messy, smelly, with BAD aircon and ugly toilets… Here’s my first American toilet, and I’m NOT impressed. I was thinking to myself, what, does Paris Hilton and other massive famous people go to this airport all the time? Even friggin Stanstead in London is better, gives a better first impression, this was just… bad. Really low under the ceiling, claustrophobic…

 My first american Dollars. Hahah. that’s amazing. They were longer and thinner than I thought, thought they were the same sort of format as UK pounds and Norwegian Crowns, but with the green american design. But no.

 After settling in to the hostel, I went out and about in the streets of Santa Monica, and to the shop forever 21, (I think it’s called) the girl in the reception told me to go there, she said it was awesome, and I was really impressed. It was like a party in there, loud great music, sales, awesome clothes, nice prices.

 Nice lights 
 I wanna see ‘My week with Marilyn’ SO bad.
 The most beautiful thing I saw that night…

 I had my first American Coca-Cola, I’ve heard so much about the difference it makes, because they use Corn-Syrup, but I must say I couldn’t really feel it. No. The bottle annoyed me, I like the european one better, and I was unlucky and it wasn’t very cold, but it was good. Sure, but… The English one is better. And this is coming from a COCA COLA Expert. BUT… it must be said, these Doritos were goooood!

 Went for an open mic night. Just for a little while, to see this guy I met play his bagpipe-tuner thing.

 that was great.

 The next day I went for a walk down by the beach and down to the pier. Sunny day and good times.

 Nice lovely sand…

 WHERE IS DAVID HASSELHOFF?! No Baywatchers… So this girl was pretty upset.

Finally, feet in the wet sand… away from the cold winter

 Loved this
 OH… MY… GOD! FORREST GUMP! I friggin Love that film… I HAVE to have a Bubba Gump Shrimp!

 Oh, cheeky shops down the pier, NOT buying one of these untill I get to Hawaii… cheeky.

 I am a Star
 Rather a Sundried starfish
 But I do deserve an Oscar
 At least a plastic one
 Oooh a nice shiny Dollar coin
 Jasmin at the Pier

 Had to go to Bubba Gump Shrimps didn’t I?! Hat a prawn cocktail and a LOVELY Mango Slushee. Got a free Bubba Gump glass with it.

 And no religion too?
What a day… what an AWESOME DAY…. 
Now I’ll be on my way, to an even BETTER place.. lovely Hawaii

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Me says:

    F A N T A S T I S K ! ! ! !


  2. Anonymous says:

    LOVE IT:) Enjoy yourself:)


  3. Mr. K says:

    Kos deg!ta en titt på denne så får du deg en god latter også ;)


  4. Thanks:) HAHHAHAHA Mr. K!Ler meg ihjel…. dritbra. du ma legge den in pa google translate og sende til Ed:)


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