First days in Hawaii

Have had some AMAZING few days here in Hawaii, and it’s only just begun… I live in Lime street, near Waikiki beach, not too far away from downtown Honolulu, and in the shade of tall palmtrees. It’s amazing. 
These are two of the girls I live with, and they were kind enough to show me around the massive local mall, and one of the beaches. Jamba juice is gooood.

  So is Shave Ice

Here’s one of the parks.

 And of course, a wedding. Something I’ve got to get used to seeing.

 This must be a paradise on earth for men… honestly, the level of maintenance of these girls… their probably waxed from head to toe, extremely sporty and tanned, and prancing about in bikinis…

The girls were all like, oh no, it’s a cloudy day… and it’s cold…. WHAT!? Haha.. soon I’ll be like them.. 
 A relatively empty beach
Clearly because of the “terrible” weather. 

 LOOK AT THIS CUTE FISH!!! It followed me around in the water… curious little beauty.

No Hasselhoff here either.

 Beach girls
 Glee club at the mall.

 On my way to the Hilton-end of Waikiki beach, I go through this beautiful park.. starting to get excited

 douchebags playing volleyball

Sun is high in the sky

 I Spy with my little eye…


 Mmm… Happy 

Along waikiki

 Kids playing and surfing

 Just… showering my surfboard… casual.

 The americanised streets of Waikiki
That’s all for now. 
Sorry I didn’t get any photos from work, I made the grave mistake of not bringing the camera to work. Tut tut. I sincerely regret it, as it was an amazing opening night with a massive reception with exotic chinese food and Lion dancers everywhere. Can’t wait to start working on monday. Will post more photos and stories.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Winterflower says:

    Heldig du er! Fine bilder, ser ut som en superfin strand! Interessant å lese, gleder meg til mer!!! Likte Along Waikiki veldig godt, og lille fisken :)…og tærne dine :))


  2. Anonymous says:

    Ååå.. Det ser ut som du har det kjempebra og da blir jeg glad!! 🙂 Koselig å snakke litt med deg i stad. Kos deg masse! Enjoy life! Klem fra Megan


  3. Me says:

    Love the top pic !! Love all of them !!


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