Happy Chinese new year of the Dragon!

I was born in the year of the dragon, so this year will be a special year for me, and I fail to understand why it shouldn’t I’ve got so much to look forward to.

I’ve worked two days at Honolulu Theatre now with HTY (Honolulu theatre for youth) and they are currently showing “The Lion Dancer” a company created piece, and it is amazing.
It is about Anson, who has a love-hate relationship with his Chinese heritage, not to mention his eccentric and demanding father. 
When his best friend Lani Jones talks him into entering the top lion dance competition, the secrets of Kung Fu, lion dancing, dodge ball and malasada (which is a delicious dessert) consumption explode in a hilarious romp of a play exploring friendship, bullying and the courage it takes to be oneself.

I loved the play and went straight to a chinese restaurant to get some delicious Dim Sum, and I’ve been eating Malasada’s at the theatre all day while working. 

Conviniently they brought the play back from tour recently so that the local kids could see it around the Chinese new year. They hired in a Lion Dancer company and they did an amazing performance on opening night, and we fed the lion money, that nice paper thing pictured on top, with a dollar in it. Check out how awesome Lion dancing is! 
We had lovely Hawaiian wraps with something AMAZING called spinach dip, it’s an amazing concoction, and Malasada’s for dessert of course.  I had way too much food, but who cares, IT’S NEW YEARS RIGHT!  And I mean, when you get free food, you eat it. We had a good creative board-meeting today with fantastical Annie and Eric, and then we did a workshop on the upcoming play “Mayday is Lei day in Hawaii” which I am really looking forward to. I’m learning a lot of different cultures now, Chinese and about the Aloha spirit of giving a Lei, (the flower necklace). 
So, sadly, the wonderful Ayami, is going back to Japan tomorrow because her visa is running out, so she and some of the other girls cooked some Japanese, Vietnamese and Koren food, which was amazing

 And we had a lovely meal to celebrate and say goodbye. And to top it all off Ayami had made an amazing carrot cake, and we ate it, fresh from the oven. What a foodilicious day.

So, as we are moving in to the year of (for Harry Potter fans) a Norwegian Ridgeback, Chinese Fireball, Swedish shortsnout, Hungarian horntail or a Welsh green if you will, let the flames from the noses of the dragons give you passion in life and at work, and the scales on the skin keep you tough and get you through hard times, and the wide leathery wings take you further than you went last year,
maybe to Hawaii?

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    Lion-dansing O M G !!! Er d mulig?


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