WOOP! I’m going to Aulani Resorts!

4000 views today! Woop woop!
just felt like I should blog to celebrate it and also inform that I am going to Aulani resorts today with some friends… and I am SO friggin excited. this it what it looks like!

 Is it just me or does it look AMAZING!? I’ll take loads of photos, on the way there too, because the scenery on the way there is incredible. 

 Right, gonna pack my bikini and get ready, getting picked up in an hour and I am incredibly happy. Love love love from Hawaii<3


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  1. Mamsi says:

    For et sted! Minna meg litt om d stedet du og Ronnie fant på Zakynthos (x 10) Det siste bilde ser ut som et stort skjell med vann, er d naturlig, eller menneske-skapt?Kos deg, d var nok verdt alt slitet med billettene 🙂


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