A day at Disney’s Aulani resorts Hawaii

Aulani Resorts Hawaii
what a place 
My mates are staying there for a week so me and another mate were invited over, and I tell you, it was such a great day.  My friends parents to a timeshare in all the Disney resorts, and therefore kind of “own” their own little piece of the hotel, after time and gathering points you can stay there very cheap or for free. It’s a brilliant concept and if you are going on holidays and staying at hotels anyway it is really something to look into. My mates are staying there for free, because his parents gave their points to him! 

After parking the car we took the elevetor up to the lobby
I was even impressed by the elevator. Hah. And this is what the elevator doors opened up to show; The most impressive lobby I have ever seen in my friggin life.  Beautiful Hawaiian wooden work, almost looking like a wooden church mixed with a familiar magical school of stone and marbel… HOGWARTS! 🙂 
 It was open spaces and extraordinary views everywhere, and the detailed Hawaiian pieces of art and carvings everywhere was just breathtaking. Fountains and running water old fashion wooden fans just made it So pleasant and lovely. On the lobby balcony there was a map over the whole resort and a fantabulous view that promised good times. When I saw this, I started freaking out and acting like a baby, the guys had to calm me down and keep me from swearing as there were families there…  We walked up and down the cozy corridors and entered their beautiful room with a balcony.  This was the view from the balcony!!! 
We had a little snack on the balcony and ran down to the beach to have a little swim in the sea, shame it was overcast, you can’t see how vivid the colours were, like the turqouise shades in the water, but from time to time the sun peeked through the clouds and made the water glitter.

 Played a little frisbee, 

I was just too excited because I got a guest card that had my name printed on it! THAT goes in the scrapbook! There was a lovely heated hottub where u could lie and watch the oceanview… we sat there for ages…  nice muscle soak. We checked out the swimming pools   And peeked through the aquarium windows at the pretty fishies.

There was an awesome water jungle gym, TYPICALLY we were to OLD to go on it… UNFAIR! BUT, we did go on the lazy river and just sat floating around in big rings  and did the slides, I LOVE WATER SLIDES! The evening came and our water adventures ended, and we watched the sun set on the balcony before we went out for dinner. 

  Some nice Hawaiian music was played, and everyone who was sipping tea on their balconies could hear the wonderful harmonies and plucking of these two men.
 The lights of the hotel really shows a different side to the place at night, different colours, different vibe. From adventurous maze like jungle, to a romantic place of opportunities. 

 I think the whole timeshare idea is brilliant, and it will definitely be worth it in the end, we were welcomed as guests and allowed all access, because we were guests of residents rather then hotel guests. So the people that have timeshare kind of own the place too. Brilliant.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Drømmested!! Ser helt fantastisk ut! Fine, spennende bilder!


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