Coping with illness in a tropical area.

Coping with illness in a tropical area. 

So, we all know being sick/ill sucks. Headache, is  a nightmare! Having a stomach ache, is UNBEARABLE, having a runny nose is SO annoying, feeling dodgy and sick is so horrible, and having a blocked nose and a sore body is not a very comfortable position to be in. 

So I am finding myself feeling rather ‘Under the weather’ here in sunny paradise! Not very nice. I’ve been working everyday this week and I’m pretty busy with upcoming events and plays, so feeling shabby at the theatre is no fun at all. Today I got the day off to rest and reload myself for the BIG DAY tomorrow (which I will blog about in the next few days) 
And in good ol’ England or Norway I would have a nice warm vegetable soup and a cuppa of tea, or my mums CRAZY disgusting (though effective) witch brew from HELL. But here, it is simply too HOT. 

And I’m a telling you, you need some drink in your body, so other than drinking a BUCKLOAD of water (filtered of course) I do indulge in the Arizona green tea drinks.. because they are SO tasty, and supposedly good for you. Some of them have  alot of sugar, some of them none, and some of them are filled with vitamin C, multivitamins, and antioxidants. I know your not supposed to have sugar when you have a soar throat because it encourages the bacteria, but to  be honest, especially when you are working, I NEED the sugar to keep me going. Also, happily I found out they have the good old Vitamin water that I used to buy back in the UK, in SO many different flavours with different purposes, so I get all the vitamins I need and a lovely cooling drink. 
Staying indoors in a hot house with all windows open, fans going and bright sunshine outside is NO fun. I was going between hot and cold, and I just felt no good no matter what I did, and my snotty nose just wouldn’t stop running so I took my beach mat outside, sunglasses, sunscreen and chillaxed on the lawn for a while in the sun. I was constantly drinking the vitamin water, and this actually stabilised my hot/cold waves. As I was in the warm sun, but drinking cold water, I felt way more comfortable, and my snot dried up when I was lying down. As I got up though my nose started running like mad, so that really rinsed my sinuses for a while. I walked down the street to go and find somewhere with a good soup, and I ended up in a very airconditioned Vietnamese restaurant, buying a delightful broth with loads of vegetables. I cozied up in the living room in front of the TV with plenty of drink and soup, and relaxed. 

This made my day;
 I finally got my t-shirt that I ordered from Jessie Cave’s shop ( and she had wrapped it herself, really nicely with orange fine paper, a SEXY leopard print bag and a card with lovely cute stickers as a present! How lovely! She does this for everyone who buys her stuff, and she posts worldwide, so it really is worth it, because I’m LOVING this T-shirt. The material is dreamy and it comes off the shoulder. Snazzy.

Fever Fantasies and horrible dreams.
I tend to have weird fever fantasies and nasty dreams about dead eels and death when I’m ill, and I’m the kind of person that need sound when I’m sleeping, so a life-saver for me last night was listening to the Ricky Gervais podcast. Whenever I wake up not knowing whether it is real or not, my brain slowly zones in to Karl Pilkington’s calm voice saying hilarious things, and it cheers me up and distracts me until I fall asleep again. 

Another thing that helped me was thinking about the lovely place I’m in and the good times ahead, throwing aside a load of care, because worrying when you are sick and can’t sleep in the middle of the night is the WORST thing I can do. And day dreaming about nice things, might throw me into a pleasant dream instead..?
Being inside, bored and sad. 
If you are not in the horrible state of having a headache and being intolerant to light, watching something inspiring, cheerful, feelgood and happy really helps me. Some youtube people that I follow that do inspirational and fun videos are;

Kandee Johnson, the sweetest happiest makeup artist and girly DIY woman there is out there. She is just so well wishing and do a lot of fun make-up tutorials and she helps out women worldwide. Lovely lovely Kandee. 

Here’s her ‘How to look Better (cute) when you’re sick’ video;
Which I had to use when I went to work looking like a troll this week.

And this adorable and inspirational girl Talia, survivor of cancer and official bald-head rocker

And this video that my mum sent me, 

youtube is amazing isn’t it? In many ways. It’s such a useful tool. There are How -to-do lessons on everything, funny videos, real life videos, inpirational, workout videos, actor showreel, and a lot of bullocks as well. 

Needing entertainment
One of my favourite youtube series is Jessie Cave’s ‘Flat Whites’ series, it’s SO weird and funny and I actually find it really moving. So this is always fun to watch while you’re sick. 

Well, this has been a long blog, and probably quite interesting, but if you are a person in a tropical area, who can watch stuff online and who’s thirsty, hopefully, you have found it useful, and possibly entertaining. 


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  1. Mamma says:

    Masse god bedring baby – du er såååååå langt borte fra meg 😦 Mamsi miss you and love you ❤


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