The Actors and Artist fund(raiser) !

Oh the glamour!
This year’s Actors and Artist fund was held at Tenney Theatre in downtown Honolulu and was a great success! Here are some photos from this great event.

So it was the beginning of the big day for us and the artistic director and I started the event by cleaning the Tenney offices and greenroom. 

Then the actors started arriving and people started getting ready in their blacks for the big night. 
Everybody’s pretty excited!
 We did a little rehearsal of ‘Charlotte’s web’ with the full cast for the first time, which was a very fun reading.  Most of the performances for the night is readings by music stands, so that the guests can see what the theatre has to offer in this coming season.   Lovely Annie gave us direction and made the rehearsal run smoothly and loved our improvised animal sounds while reading ‘Charlottes Web’. And we all felt READY! 
And now to the more difficult stuff.  All the actors had fun playing cards that we were selling for $25 each and in packs for a $150, and we needed it explained over and over again how this worked. Basically all the actors, (and one person following carrying a hat) would go around the theatre and sell the playing cards, and there would be tickets to a major raffle attached to each play card. 
Look at the fun playing cards!
Nina liked her hat.
Some actors were Oooh so very proffessional like ALVIN who rehearsed his script. 
He was totally feeling the pressure of presenting his first draft of ‘Five chinese brothers’
And SOME actors just appreciated the snacks
Annie was introducing the company to the lovely Celia who read with us in ‘Charlotte’s web’.

 While the rest spent their time mingling in the halls with the guests, among the lovely food and alcohol that was served.  

 Lovely ladies serving the drinks
Mmm goood fooood…
Yes, Maile appreciated that.. 
Then it was time to get ready and preset everything. Look at the lovely company actors!

 And I was going to perform also! Pretty excited…. And Lovely Annie lent me her beautiful black dress

 And so it began. The Sponsors, board members and celebs settled in their seats and the show began!

One of my personal favourites was Ian reading ‘Call it Courage’ with Kala’i Stern playing ancient polynesian music alongside him.

Then there were hilarious readings from “Rap’s Hawaii” 
The three wonderful broadcasters that read from ‘Christmas Talk Story’
It was both funny and moving.
Then it was us, reading “Charlotte’s web” a children’s classic and it was FANTASTIC. 
My chicken and rooster noises was greatly appreciated.
Maybe I should put those new animal sounds on my CV, alongside, Owl, Fly and Goat.

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  1. Mams says:

    Spennende, og sååå F I I I N du var 🙂


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