My little shopping spree

 Here’s some of the cool stuff that I bought when I was in Haleiwa. and I just am so happy with them so I thought I’d show you a few things.

 These I bought in ‘Polynesian treasures’ in the village, there are plenty of cute shops there but I just fell in love with these two rings, made out of Hawaii’an wood and bone with Polynesian pattern on them.

 Then this fat lovely wooden bracelet with the Polynesian patterns on it again, and the wood was quite expensive because it is a rare and special wood type, that takes long to grow, but there is supposed to be loads of good spirits in it an will bring me good days and feelings.

 This is just an awesome bracelet made out of coconut shell, and I just HAD to have it, because it was so nice and earthy and rare. Very happy about that. I’ve got lots of nice wooden things now that will go well with a brown or black dress, skirt or maxi-dress. Plus it goes with my lovely wooden African animal necklace.

Chicka chicka Yeah FAKE ID! FAKE ID! This is fantastic, and I’ve already used it twice in town, and every security man laughs SO hard at it. And for those who have not seen ‘Superbad’, GO SEE SUPERBAD.

 Had to buy my darling Elvis didn’t I? just a nice metall sign that reminds me of the many reasons why I dreamed of coming to Hawai’i as a kid.

 This is such a great buy! SO happy with my shark-tooth. Obviously it’s quite a big deal here in Hawai’i as there are sharks here and the original Hawaiians used to hunt shark and fight them when they were exploring around with their canoes. They believed that when diving or fishing it would bring good luck and fortune in the seas while wearing a Shark-tooth necklace, because of the story of the Sea god that fought the mighty shark and rose from the water with a massive necklace of shark teeth. Now, people have realised that sharks aren’t that dangerous as they rarely attack unprovoked. So the tooth I have is from a shark that has been hunted in a balanced organised manner and is used for food.

And finally, the Ron Artis family band, which I saw play live, I wanted to buy many more records, but I didn’t have much money. But I Love this !


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